What does a blinking top LCD panel indicate on my 5D3?

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hotdog321 wrote:

canon person wrote:

I do no have Magic Langern installed. When I shoot multiple images in a row, at time the camera appears to lock up and the top LCD blinks forever. I have to turn off the camera and wait a second and turn the camera back on. It is, to my knowledge not a buffer issue, because I use VERY fast CF cards. I had the same issue with my 5D2. It is bizarre and Canon can't offer an explanation.

I owned and used two 5D II and now two 5D III for years as a photojournalist. I've never experienced this behavior. My first thought was that it was a card problem.

Are you using the SD card slot? The SD slot is crippled on the 5D III but, of course, that is not a factor on the 5D II. I assume you formatted the cards in the camera. I format before every single assignment.

These fast cards--what cards are you using? That is the only thing I can think of. Good luck!

Interesting issue. I also have never experienced any issues in 5D-series cameras, 5D1 (mirror never fell in my copy but still sent to Canon for a preemptive fix and sold later), 5D2 (converted to infrared) and 5D3.

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