Age old digital camera question: SRGB or Adobe RGB

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Re: Is your monitor calibrated and profiled?

Greg lamont wrote:

Simon Garrett wrote:

Is your monitor calibrated and profiled? I mean with a hardware colorimiter like a ColorMunki or Spyder.

If not: ALWAYS use sRGB, or you are virtually certain to get false colour.

If - and only if - your monitor is hardware calibrated and profiled, and you use only colour-managed software, then you might consider Adobe RGB for the reasons others have said. Better still: use raw.

My Monitor is not calibrated, it is a 4 year old iMac.

The display in preferences says iMac calibrated.
There are other options, ANY SUGGESTIONS that I need to change.



In those circumstances I'd recommend using sRGB.

Here's why: most monitors have a colour space roughly similar to sRGB. That means that without any colour management, the monitor will display sRGB images approximately correctly, and will display images in Adobe RGB wrongly. Adobe RGB images will tend to look pale and under saturated.

To put it another way, without colour management, most colours on the monitor will be inaccurate to a greater or lesser degree, but sRGB colours will be least inaccurate.  Have everything set to sRGB and colours will be as good as you can get without hardware calibration and profiling of the monitor, and use of colour-manged software.

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