Is this proof of, "It's the photographer"?

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"It's the photographer" is a condescending and incomplete cliche

Glen Barrington wrote:

The term "it's the photographer" is a condescending cliche that also ignores the other half of photography, the technical half, the technology involved that allows someone to produce a technically superior image. Photography, unlike something like painting, has always been a very technical, technology affected craft.

The cliche is also condescending because it looks down upon those that simply want to improve the technical aspect of their photography. If I were the photographer in that article, I would also not be indirectly referring to my photos as "great" and "masterpieces" while in the process of stating the obvious. Again, condescending.

Is the skill of the photographer important? Of course. Any photographer knows that. Is the technology of the camera used important? Of course, otherwise Ansel Adams would have used 35mm instead of medium and large format. A sports photographer wouldn't use a camera with high frame rates and superior AF. That photographer's pictures, which are nothing really special to begin with, could have been improved upon, technically, with a better quality camera.

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