Sorry to kinda start over about my viewfinder issue

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Re: Its a flaw

halievski wrote:

I did mention my e-m1 case in a previous thread, and fortunately having extra warranty from Henrys in Canada my camera was exchanged with no additional headache, however I agree with the statement that this kind of problem has to be justified as a design flaw. Any other scenarios, recommendations, fan boys discussions and other cr..p from people on this forum who works for or/and as Olympus advisers I consider as nothing but stories for daycare centers... Suggestions like what kind of "professionals" take macro pics under the straight sun light make me vomiting sometimes, so I wanted those extremely smart boys take their OMD bodies out and face them to the sun with the viewfinder for let say 30-40 sec - good time to review a few pics just taken... and then to report to this very forum if their viewfinders are still OK. Any volunteers?

For now I really enjoy my E-M1(seriously), and keep my thumb up ... on the viewfinder(seriously) when I'm outside on wide open Canadian sun. Sooo good camera with sooo fragile viewfinder, I repeat it again: Olympus, wake up and do something before its too late..

regards, and happy shootings

p.s. there is one guy who loves Olympus e-m1

lately it was and issue with Pentax K3 called something like "gun mirror" syndrome, so he actually did bring that issue up and Pentax was forced to reply.. Maybe I'll try to ask him what he thinks about these blotches, or maybe he has them already on his e-m1..?

Yes, please check with Steve Huff, he's a known reviewer . I'm really awaiting some reaction from DPR or other sites who have a vested interest in photography and all related technical issues .

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