Simplify and give up Aperture or Lightroom?I’m a run-of-the mill amateur, who might shoot hundreds o

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Robgo2 Veteran Member • Posts: 4,786
Using Photo Mechanic with Photo Ninja

I use Photo Mechanic in conjunction with Photo Ninja and am very happy with the combination. The two programs play nicely with each other. However, neither program has printing capability, meaning that you would need another external editor for that purpose. For many PN users, printing is done either with Lightroom or Photoshop.  However, if you want to make any sort of local adjustments, you would need LR or PS for that purpose as well, so consider that they would cover both functions for you.

BTW, Lightroom is anything but awesome, IMO.  As a raw convertor, it is strictly mediocre, especially when compared to Photo Ninja.  LR's popularity is not attributable IQ, but rather to its features, workflow and the power of the Adobe Photoshop brand.


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