FZ1000 Impressions from an FZ30 user

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Re: FZ1000 Impressions from an FZ30 user

Viewfinder/Rear Display:

The viewfinder is one of my main reasons for upgrading. It is quite impressive. Highly responsive to motion and very detailed. It is about 1.6x larger in linear dimensions than the FZ30's EVF. Horizontally, it covers the field of vision approximately 23º. The only issue is, as others have pointed out, the eye must be centered in order to see the whole viewfinder clearly.

As far as I can tell, it is OLED, however blacks are not perfectly black - the pixels displaying black are not "off", but become very dark - the FZ30 viewfinder, while viewing a perfectly black image is blindingly bright in comparison.

The advantage of deep blacks are immediately apparent with night-time photography. I took some photos of the moon with some branches in the foreground. The sky was a very dark blue, the branches black. This was clearly visible by eye and on the viewfinder. The sky versus branches would not be distinguishable on the FZ30 viewfinder - the LCD backlight washes out the dark shades. It was hardly distinguishable on my LCD HDTV. Now I need an OLED TV

The rear LCD is good. Not upset that it isn't a touch screens as I'm not crazy about them. I saw the fully articulated screen as an upgrade over the FZ30's tilt/flip, but in practice I've realized that it actually slows me down. 90% of the time that I use the screen it's for a low angle shot or tripod use. The FZ1000 takes 2 actions to reach this position: flip out, then rotate to the appropriate angle. With the FZ30 it just flips down to the desired angle. Viewing angles/black levels are considerably better than on the FZ30 as one would expect. I am glad that like on the FZ30, the screen rotates inwards to protect it and keep it clean when not in use.

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