Software for auto lens corrections with Fuji lenses?

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Re: Software for auto lens corrections with Fuji lenses?

Chad and Randy are correct. LR corrects Fuji X lenses automatically, and it does it without using a separate lens profile because it uses information included in the RAW file. For this reason you can't turn it off. To confirm that this is the case, take a RAF shot with the 18-55 @ 18mm and develop it in LR and also in a converter like Photo Ninja that doesn't do the correction and you will see the difference.

In my view LR doesn't correct all the distortion in the 18-55. Someone posted (either here or elsewhere) a LR lens profile that you can use to remove the remainder, but most of the work is being done by LR automatically.

I posted a Photo Ninja lens profile for the 18-55 in this thread:

I'm not sure about the other converters - I thought CoP7 did have some corrections, but I'd need to check on another computer.  And surely Silkypix must recognise RAF files - that's the whole point of shipping it with Fuji X cameras - but I'm not sure about lens profiles.  It may be the same as LR - it uses embedded information.

Not many of the Fuji lenses need a profile - it's only the zooms that include wide angle focal lengths, although the 10-24 has very little distortion and you could just about survive without a profile.  I've got quite a few of the primes and none of them seem to need a profile, not even the 14mm.  That's the attraction of Fuji lenses.

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