Pentax Canada Service Center Change (Bad News?)

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Re: Pentax Canada Service Center Change (Bad News?)

I've dealt with sun camera a couple times because their service cost was cheaper than Pentax though the experience was less than stellar.

I dropped my da 12-24 few years ago and needed the barrel to be replaced. Sun Camera told me that it'll take 1 week to complete. It ended up to be almost 2 mths.

Excuse was part shortage due to floodong in Thailand. Lens was fixed perfectly but a courtesy call would've been nice since they gave me 1 week timeline

My 2nd encounter was to service a f*300 4.5 I bought from other forum. The lens was soft wide open compared to other copies I've seen.

Since it's an old lens I gave them my expectations clearly "to inspect the lens first and if the lens can't be fixed/restored so it's as sharp as it should be then don't bother"

They called me back and told me that their technician looked it over and they're confident that they can fix it.

When i got the lens back theservice note only says CLA has been done and the lens is just as soft.This goes back and forth couple times i event sent my body in to make sure that its not focus issue o n their insistence even though I already tested it with MF.

Their excuse was this lens was optimized for film not digital...

I wanted to talk to the technician and they finally revealed that they don't even have pentax technician, rather its just an indipendent contractor who is familiar with Pentax...

Ii was fuming at this point and demanded my money back but they refused to. They offered me 50 bucks back, being tired wasting my time dealing with them i took it and swore off using their service again. This was few years back so things might have changed but for a company that "guaranteed" satisfaction their behaviour was unnaceptable

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