The A77II made me giggle

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K E Hoffman
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The A77II made me giggle

As I said, I bought it at the dealer. Nice guy we talked for 45 minutes. Very positive on Sony and they have 2 A77II kits and 4 A7 (line) kits on the counter with at least a dozen lenses in the case.. etc. And lots of bodies out to try (except the A77II which he says is selling well, Sony Rep is bringing them a loaner floor camera.)

Says they are now selling a lot of Sony.. and since the Sony section is closest to the Door, you have to Walk towards it before turning left to get to the Canon and Nikon sections further back.. all the orange boxes draw attention. It was interesting hearing his take on some of the lenses. talking about the 24-70 a-mount being so great but the 24-70 F4 for the FE cameras being soft letting a lower resolution Fuji beat it.. saying the A7r really showed its ability better with the A-mount lens on it better, wishing Sony had been more careful with that FE lens..

He isn't just selling Sony if someone asks / begs him to.. he knew the system.

Dealer earned some more value for me. I took all my best lenses.. my flash and grip in.. and he wrote up a quote based on best recent used price for my insurance company so I can insure the gear at all times against damage and theft.  (The 70-300G is priced more than I paid for it new when Circuit City folded and the 16-50 used was also $60 higher than I got "new from kit" off ebay.. so pretty happy with the quote.

A77 II Giggles.. (as in that's so cool giggles)

I have to say even though I had read about most of it.. Sitting there and finding the A77 nearly perfected.. with all the things I wanted improved done.. even playing with the Wi-Fi was fun as there are two free (non-Sony) apps for controlling Sony cameras for Windows Phone 8. One even has live histogram and an interval timer. With the remote live view etc. I can see that being used for events. Like school events where I can put the camera up front and sit back and shoot.

Lots of little things.. That all but the movie button and shutter button can be customized with almost anything. (goodbye WB) All top buttons have tactile queues so you know which one is under finger for sure. Just a lot of nice thought into the system.

The customizable function screen menu.

The bright sun LCD is nice and the largely un marketed EVF improvements are really nice. Its better in bright sun, just a bit more dynamic range in the evf.. The noise level is lower and refresh rate much higher in low light.

Also the auto brightness feature works right now no need to manually pump the LCD or EVF in bright sun.... on and when the sun hits the back "monitor" you can see the sunlight mode kick in. Tough I could see myself turning it on all the time during a sunlight shoot. WB tuning of the EVF etc. is nice I would say the only thing they need to work on is there is still some smearing when panning fast.

One note.. It appears the light sensor for the LCD is now inside the frame in the very edge of the screen area so a GCC screen protector would cover it. Will need to get something without the black frame.

the focus limiter function is just too slick.. map it to a button and it works well and the indicator can be left on to show you what distance you lens is focused at on the monitor / EVF if you want.

And the SSS in VF with the 70-300 is nice.. you can see it kick in. Just like I have seen with a canon IS lens..

Because of the A77II I am setting up my me new photography website sooner so I can blog, focused on the differences between the two cameras maybe shoot a few comparison shots. Before selling the A77. I will let you know later.

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