My Rokinon antidote for Oly 75mmF1.8 lens lust

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My Rokinon antidote for Oly 75mmF1.8 lens lust

I visited a really nice camera store in Brussels on Friday.

They had an incredible spectrum of µFT lenses in stock, including the Voigtländer Noktons and other gems.

I had my E-M5 in the car, so I tried the 42.5mmF0.95 Nokton.  Really sweet build and feel, but no overwhelming temptation, because I quickly compared it with my old cheap 45mm F1.8 Olympus.  Sure, the Voigtländer is a lot faster, but also heavier and expensive.  At that focal range, manual focus becomes much harder with a fast lens than at 17.5mm (like the Nokton I already own and totally love as a low light documentary standard focal length lens). The Oly 45mm once again proved its worth.

I also tried the Olympus 75mm F1.8 and was seriously impressed: not really too big and heavy, but produces wonderful photos with exemplary sharpness, even wide open.  But again a lot of money.  So instead of making an impulse purchase, I refrained and promised myself to do a bit more testing with my Rokinon 85mm F1.4 on MicroFT (I have that lens in FT mount).

So yesterday I went out and took the Rokinon with the adapter, and also the EC-14 (FT lenses have the extra benefit that I can use my teleconverter and macro extender ring with them).

So my conclusion is that I do not really need the 75mm, nice though it is.  Sure, AF is a benefit.  And the Rokinon, when shot wide open is not really a match in sharpness.  But the Rokinon is good enough, especially when stopped down to F2.  I'll save my money for now.

Here are some of the shots that convinced me of the Rokinon's lasting quality.

I chose cows because they are a convenient and patient subject (and also a bit because Steve Huff used them in his review of the Oly 75mm...)

With EC-14 but not EX-25.  Later on I stacked them, but no shots worth sharing.

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