RX100 III - overexposed images?

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Most of those pics are fine

Those where the skies are blown out, the camera has actually metered a correct brightness for the main subject.

Take for example nr. 32: The stone bridge is under shadows of the trees. A very dark subject, so the camera chooses a slower shutter. However, the water in the lower left corner is in direct sunlight, so it's very bright.

If you had metered for the water, the bridge would have come out too dark.

The sensor just has a limited dynamic range, and I doubt if any camera could capture this entirely.

So, how to solve this???

- Choose a more balanced place to meter the scene, then use Auto Exposure Lock, recompose and shoot. When you move the camera, you'll see the brightness change on the screen. Instead of  judging the scene on screen, you can also use the live histogram feature before you hit the shutter button

- Dial in some negative exposure compensation

- Use the DRO options. Meter for the highlights and let the shadows be lifted.

- Use the in-camera HDR feature with a very wide range.

By the way, some of the shots came out very well (e.g. 24 and 25). The dark bronze statue would make a very challenging scene for any camera, but yours has really done an excellent job. The features in the face are clearly visible, and at the same time, the background is well exposed too.

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