RX100 III - overexposed images?

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Interceptor121 wrote:

I would think a circuit polariser would still be beneficial for mountains and snow to make the images more pleasing. For what concerns a graduated ND filter I also do not use this and use the feature in lightroom as long as the highlights are not burned out this is worth doing on a RAW file but again only on speficic shots with known issues.

Oh, a CP is very useful; no question it has its advantages.

One just has to understand what it will and won't do.

Another thing to try to deal with dynamic range is the HDR feature. I personally do not use and take my shots manually until I like them however as the op was shooting in auto this could be the next thing to try.

I can't be bothered with HDR.  I am always moving too fast!

I would still have some concerns with regards to the JPEG engine and look at ways to improve it. Sharpness and noise reduction seem to create artefacts on the rocks and snow and this should be avoided otherwise there is a requirement to have to shoot RAW all times and having to use post processing on shots that could be good enough straight of the camera. Although sharpness saturation and contrast are down to personal taste, artefacts aren't and aggressive sharpening combined with noise reduction seems to be damaging many shots in the collection

I shoot both files and generally find JPEGs "good enough" and work my best shots from raw.

That said anything that improves SOOC JPEGs is more than welcome.

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