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Hello and welcome to the forum.

Suggestions? Shoot, shoot, shoot. Look at your images and see what works for you. What was special or unique about this image? The colors? The light? The content/composition?

Cameras today take incredible images, by which I mean great clarity, rich color. If you're accustomed to cell phone images or a less capable point-and-shoot, at a certain level, all the pictures are "incredible."

After a while "incredible" doesn't seem as amazing anymore.

The great thing about digital is it's easy to shoot a lot. The harder thing is to discard hundreds, thousands, of "incredible" images that really aren't anymore. But start doing that early, and you'll refine what your own approach to photography is.

For now, ignore all the people who criticize "soft in the corners," "chromatic aberration," "blown highlights," general "softness." Unless you're getting shots that are genuinely blurry or improperly exposed because of technique or camera set-up, most of that sort of criticism is not very helpful at first.

Learn the camera. If you like shooting things that move, you may wish to try shutter priority and experiment with different shutter speeds and see what the effects are. Some will freeze the action, which may be what you want; some will give a little blur which may suggest motion if you want. Some won't work at all.

If you like shooting things that are still, focus on composition, exposure, direction of the light, depth of field. What is your subject and how do you wish to call attention to it?

I would say your first image is your most interesting because of the symmetry. The others are less interesting. The reflection in the koi pond overwhelms the koi. (Consider moving the camera, a different time of day to shoot, or a polarizing filter.) The flower is nice, but the light is uninteresting and you may wish to look at where you put your point of focus. The last image has a lot going on in it and it's not clear what your subject was. You may want to look for distracting elements at the left side of the frame.

Read some books. Look at images you like and try to replicate the techniques. Ask questions.

Most importantly, enjoy your efforts. Document your world. Share your efforts with the people who matter to you.

Recall that free advice is often worth exactly what you paid for it.

Have fun and welcome to the forum.

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