Should Sigma make a "Rainbow" camera?

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Should Sigma make a "Rainbow" camera?

If the next level of Foveon technology is to make a 7-layer sensor, which captures every visible color of light in a different layer, Sigma would only need to double the number of processors, in order to handle that much color information, since it will only be about twice as much as today's cameras capture. In fact, if Sigma were to make a full-frame camera with three layers at 19.6 MP per layer, it would not be capturing much more information than the SD1, so it could use just one of the new True III processors and still be faster in operation than the SD1. This means that a full-frame Sigma with a 7 layer sensor at 19.6 MP per layer would probably be able to process photos as fast as the SD1 or faster, just with dual True III processors. Can you imagine that?!? (19.6 x 7) That's a 137.2 MP camera! It would not give the same spacial resolution, of course, but Sigma could follow that camera with a Quattro version, making the top two layers (violet and blue) with four locations per single locations of the lower layers. This would make it 78.4 MP in spatial resolution vs. today's Quattro at 19.6 MP. The equivalent Bayer sensor would have to be about 150 MP! Even if we can't have an APS-C version of such a sensor, I'd like to see something like this come on the market . . . experimentally, if nothing else. I guess they would have to make a new monitor, with 7 color dots per pixel, rather than 3. With technology improving the way it has been, I can imagine this happening within a year or two, if they decide to try it.

I know, I know . . . what we have now works just fine! I get that. But when we had a 4.7 MP sensor that had a 1.7 x crop factor, what we had worked just fine . . . except the Merrill sensor is a dramatic improvement on that. Who would have guessed Sigma would make such a huge jump in resolution?

Ultimately, we need progression, or Foveon will stagnate. With the Quattro we get SOME progression, but not a whole lot. I think Sigma needs to make a big step forward. Making a four-layer sensor, which captures yellow independently, could be the next step toward a camera with a "rainbow sensor."

What do YOU think?

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