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Hi all

i have one day to decide as the newly purchased OEM5 needs to go back tomorrow

i have been reading these forums and reviews for a week or so now trying to decide which camera suits my needs more

I am no genius at photography but my work photography needs requires me to buy something specific

I was convinced the RX 10 would work for me but i have read about the poor low light with this camera, i am now worried about buying it

I need all your professional help

i initially grabbed a OEM 5 but that was way over my head and sucked at indoor photos - or it could have been me - either way too techno for me

i work in real estate as a property manager

this requires me to take about 800 - 1200 photos of inside and outside of a property. this becomes the photographic record of a property

i need a camera to take CLEAR photos of walls - i tried the OEM5 on a property today and it struggled to focus and the other annoying thing was the battery, need to take it out to put a second one in to be able to do a whole property and restart the date each time! a pain!

the shop i bought it from allows 14 days no question asked credit return if not happy. I need these specifics

1. low light images - indoors, walls cupboards etc

2. usb charging - rx10 i believe does this

3. wifi - not mandatory but want to use it eventually

4. good advertising photos

5. as i am on time limit, i need it to focus fast and click away

from what i see, the RX10 suits all this until i read a few comments about the poor light perfomance

can anyone help me with this or suggest an alternative

i have $1300au dollars in credit at the camera shop



oh i forgot to add. i raced in the shop last year on a fly and bought a samsung galaxy that did 1200 photos on one charge - it has done me fine for the past 12 months recording 115,000 photos in one year but have dropped it a few times affecting the focus. i know its not fancy but it did the job fine for a while

i have never had a nice camera and would like to get one but im afraid as much as i wuold love interchangeable and time to play, time i dont have. so stuck with point and shoot but want a high end one

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