D810 showing yellow coloration in sRAW files

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Re: D810 showing yellow coloration in sRAW files

Rumi Siddiqui wrote:

WIMorrison wrote:

Nothing to do with sRAW and everything to do with your shutter speed.

Given the exact same settings, (shutter speed, ISO, Aperture) the issue will not present itself in RAW files, only sRAW.

However, if I lower shutter speed to 1/60s, the situation will resolve itself with the sRAW, or if I want a faster shutter speed, but I keep the ISO at 640 or below, it will also resolve itself in sRAW. But none of these adjustments are required with the full RAW file.

sRAW is not true raw data. It is little better than a JPEG and it's contents are permanently modified by the white balance setting. You cannot reprocess to the same extent as a true raw file.

The issue is coming from the combination of your shutter speed and the use of cycling fluorescent lights. You are being protected from this to some extent with full RAW because your raw editor is setting an auto WB point based on the content of the image. It is not able to do this so effectively for sRAW.

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