D810 showing yellow coloration in sRAW files

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Re: D810 showing yellow coloration in sRAW files

Forget sRAW for even casual shooting.  In fact, I would submit that for casual shooting sRAW is even more ridiculous.  Just shoot lossy 12-bit compressed.  Same file size.  If it's casual shooting you don't have any deadlines to meet.  What is it about sRAW that you see as an advantage?

Rumi Siddiqui wrote

michaeladawson wrote:

The simplest answer is "don't shoot sRAW". I know there are a couple people on this forum that will insist they need the smaller file size of sRAW... that Lightroom bogs down with 36 MP files. I don't know, maybe it does. I use Adobe PhotoShop/ACR and I have never had an issue.

For me (and I'm making this statement for me) sRAW is utterly useless. No file size saving, no time saving in post, and the loss of true RAW flexibility. sRAW could exhibit purple polka dots for all I care.

Rumi Siddiqui wrote:

I was shooting the ceiling in my bedroom, which has a florescent light. When I take pictures of the textured ceiling, I get this strange yellow gradation across the photograph. It looks like someone put a graduated filter on the lens, one part is normal color, and the rest is this dark yellow tint.

I can take pictures around the room and some of them will look almost normal, but then that yellow coloration shows up at the bottom of the frame.

This only happens with sRAW.

Also, I tried playing around with the different white balance presets, which only helped for the portions of the image for which the yellow coloration was not affecting in the first place.

I took photos in the kitchen where there is another florescent light, and it does not show the yellow coloration with sRAW.

Has anyone experienced this?

It's not a huge deal, but a little annoying. I finally took the time to setup all my banks, and I created one for casual use, which is the one affected.

Update: So far it appears the issue only occurs with sRAW & ISO 800+

Again, adjusting white balance, kelvin temperature does not appear to affect the yellow part of the image. I can take a pic of anything in this particular room, and that yellow shows up in the pic.

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Mike Dawson

RAW is my primary; however, I was hoping to use sRAW for my casual shooting, like my 3 year old running around house. I wanted small file size, with just a tad flexibility over jpeg of these situations.

I think I'm still going to use it for these situations, but probably be more cognizant of it's limitations, especially with different types of lighting. It seems sRAW is still in its infancy, or maybe the issue is only with sRAW and the D810 with certain types of florescent bulbs.

As of right now this combination sucks:

D810+sRAW+ISO800(and up)+Certain Florescent lighting=Fail.

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Mike Dawson

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