FZ1000 at 400mm, different apertures and a DSLR comparison

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FZ1000 at 400mm, different apertures and a DSLR comparison

After lots of 'real life' comparisons I finally did a more controlled comparison.

FZ1000 placed on a hard surface, OIS turned off and 10 second timer used. ISO125. RAW, processed with ACR and CS6.

This is the scene. I have highlighted the area near right lower corner which I have used for comparison.

Now, a 100% crop at f/4

It is sharp and detailed. You can have a look at the original size by clicking on the image. So, there is no issue with sharpness at 400mm using f/4. In this crop and in most other parts of the scene it was really hard to tell the difference between different apertures except f/8 which was softer. Then I compared the area I have marked above as this was away from the center and seemed to have the finest detail.

These are 100% crops. You need to see the original to appreciate the difference.

If we split hair then I would say f/4 to f/5 are the sharpest and free from sharpening artifact. Unless pixel peeping at 100% and subject has fine detail difference between f/4 and f/7.1 would be extremely difficult to tell.

Now a comparison with 5DIII + 100+400. From my past experience I know my copy is sharpest between f/7.1 and f/8. I have used f/4.5 for FZ1000 and f/8 for Canon. For this test I had to move the camera back as 100-400 won't focus closer than 1.8m. Again hard flat surface was used and self timer used for both. Following are 100% crops. Canon pic was slightly larger, so it was reduced to same size as FZ1000 before cropping.

Near the center they look pretty much the same.



Now, the same area as the previous test. You can't see those letters with naked eye, they are so tiny.

FZ1000 clearly is sharper.

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