A prime portrait lens for less than 150$/120€?

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What do you mean by total light gathered?

I understand the DoF as it is apparent that f1.8 on m43's gives you the same DoF as f3.6.

I also understand that an FF sensor, being that it is 4 times the size of an m43's sensor doesn't just gather more total light, but it is essential that it does to get the same exposure. Total light gathering is a slightly esoteric metric in that, it is one reason why the IQ of most FF cameras is better than m43's cameras, but it is not the only factor, or necessarily even the main factor (Just look at a 5D1 vs. today's m43's). It isn't a metric that has a formula that can lead to a determination like: This sensor lets in x amount more light, therefore, the IQ quality will be x amount more than the sensor that does not. It helps to create a trend, but other technology factors also play a significant role in overall IQ yet we don't really talk of those as factors when discussing lenses like this. No one says, "If you buy this lens, you get to use it on x camera with no AA filter, or this camera that has a better image processor, etc."

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