D3300 OR D5200?

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Re: D3300 OR D5200?

haseeb007 wrote:

i want to know which camera is better. Both have there pros and cons but i am a bit confused. New expeed processor and no low pass filter in D3300 or 39 focus points with 11 croos type points in D5200, what features really make a difference. I am a beginner photographer who likes travelling. I travel to different countries with my family so according to that, which cam will be better?

Some people say lens is more important than the camera body. My range is around 400 pounds. So is buying d3300 which is significantly cheaper with a better quality lens a good option or D5200 with the kit lens. I am not going to buy a good lens if i get d5200 because than it will get to expensive for me. So if you think the first opton is good, than which lens would you recommend with d3300 considring that i am not a wildlife or nature photographer, i just like to travel different places and countries alot with my family and take pictures at home.

Also, does the d3300 or 5200 blurs the background well like the professional cameras or not. And is there a way to undo this option becuse obviously you won't want to blur the background if you are standing in front a famous place like the LONDON EYE etc.

Please i need a hones answer,


Since you have a budget, save money on the body: a D3300 is a great body for photographers of all levels.  Expeed 4 seems to make a difference: the sensors seem to be slightly less noisy at high ISO compared to 24MP Expeed 3 cameras.  The lack of low pass filter: it makes a modest difference and it's certainly where Nikon is putting its emphasis at present but not a deal maker or deal breaker.  The D5200 is a great camera too but it's more money; I would have to agree that you will do well to spend on lenses instead.  For travel photography, buildings and landscapes don't move so a more sophisticated autofocus system is of limited value.  Besides, some shooters have reported that the central cross-type focus point in the D3300 is very good (accurate and relatively quick).  My vote: D3300.

Blur: you can take pictures with lots of blur or little blur with a D3300, just like a pro.  You control blur with the lens choice: focal length/ distance to subject and aperture.

Choosing a good lens: Sigma 18-250 f/3.5-6.3 MACRO OS HSM (it has to be the MACRO version which is the latest) is a good single lens value option with a generous focal range.  Nikon's 18-140 AF-S VR is another good single lens option: less focal range than the Sigma but sharper.  I would avoid the 18-55 VR II as, although the price is fantastic, the focal range is a bit limiting (and carrying a lot of lenses or having to make a lot of lens changes does detract for me from the enjoyment of photography which is why I usually have two camera bodies with me along with the lenses mounted that I think I'll use most (as well as any other lens I think may be handy at some point)).  Some might say 140 or 250mm is unnecessary for travel but I'll suggest it's handy for distant landscapes/scenes inaccessible by foot or for close-ups/ in-camera cropping.

One benefit of a DSLR is the availability of additional lenses.  A Nikon 35mm f/1.8 af-s lens is a relatively affordable lens and a decent low light option.  A Nikon 85mm f/1.8g af-s is another low light lens and portrait lens but more money.  For landscapes, you might pass on either of those and look at a wide angle zoom instead (a lens that will go wider than 18mm).  There are over 100 lenses available in the Nikon F mount (made by Nikon, Sigma, Tamron, Tokina and others) that would fit a D3300 or D5200: you don't need all of them but they all have their benefits and liabilities.

In the budget realm, a Nikon D5100 -- if available at a good price -- might be another camera you might want to consider.

There are many lenses and bodies.  You have many choices available to you.  Once you decide, enjoy!  Buy a good book or take a lesson to familiarize yourself with the basics of photography and how to use your new equipment.  All the best!

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