REALLY wanting to like the a6000

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Re: REALLY wanting to like the a6000

It's probably been argued to death but I thought I'd drop in my 2c.  There's equivalent lenses for most of what you lost and, where not, the LAEA2 + a-mount lens selection more than covers it. I've got more e-mount lenses than I need and 16-70mm f2.8 and 70-300mm stabilised a-mount Sigma lenses for what just does not exist in e-mount. I bought all the glass when I had the original NEX-5 and it's even better on the a6000. I also have a healthy appetite for manual legacy lenses but not everyone feels the same way.  Glass limitations are more myth than fact with e-mount these days but it comes up a lot all the same. Perhaps if you have a random or rare favourite you're in trouble but for most applications the lenses are there.

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