Sorry to kinda start over about my viewfinder issue

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Its RKM wrote:

B-rad wrote:

It is sad but, they need to fix this problem and it looks like the only way is to use a different viewfinder from a different manufacturer.

Not necessarily... there are a couple of solutions Olympus and/or Epson could implement.

If Epson moved the top polarizer significantly further from the LCD image plane than the 1.4mm they currently have then the problem could be resolved by simply replacing all the LCD panels with new versions as the problem arises and people return their cameras for repair.

If Olympus introduced a hot mirror into the eyepiece design then the polarizer would be protected from the heat of the focussed sun.

An optimist might believe that discussions between Olympus and Epson on which solution to implement is why Olympus are not acknowledging the problem officially at the moment.

A pessimist might expect that they never will acknowledge it or only offer a Band-Aid (no pun intended) fix, like an eyepiece cap, at best.

Either way, highlighting the problem with Olympus execs at Photokina would be a good step. I am sure that DPreview will have representation there and they are probably best placed to raise it from an independent standpoint, especially if done by any of DPreview's OM-D reviewers.

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I fully agree, RKM.

I have messaged Andy Westlake twice, on June 143th and most recently on August 6th , and asked for a response concerning this issue and whether they would contact Olympus about it - no response yet.

Maybe if you too would contact Andy, and ask if they are going to Photokina, and if so, can they check with Oly there ...

Best, babalu .

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