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Re: Should we split the E-mount form factor?

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So perhaps Sony should modify the FF and APS-C body and lens mount form factors to end all the confusion. Only APS-C lenses allowed on APS-C bodies, and only Full frame lenses allowed on full frame bodies.

I doubt that will happen because 35mm lenses (not FF, that's a internet misnomer because it does not declare the camera system) are generally longer than lenses designed solely for aps-c cameras. Those aps-c camera users that could get say a 600mm FOV with a 400mm lens (designed for 35mm cameras) would get only a 400mm FOV if using a lens designed to provide a 400mm FOV on aps-c cameras, e.g. you'd lose the "magnification factor" for telephoto use on aps-c cameras.

Good point about telephoto compatibility.

The APS-C and full-frame mount split does not have to be totally one way or another. As the two mounts would be almost the same, except for one or two pins that are different on the two, or simply modified electronics that stop the camera functioning with the wrong lens, then the compatible lenses such as approved telephotos would work on two mounts. Lenses that are considered incompatible would no longer work on new camera models.

Who decides what is appropriate/ inappropriate? One of my favorite lenses is the FE kit zoom which I use only on my NEX-7. It is OSS and AF and I like it that way.

Sony does. Currently, APS-C kit and 55-210 zooms lose the OSS when used on the A7 series.

There is a potential danger though, if we consider what happened with Nikon DSLR's. At some point Nikon decided to remove the auto-focus mechanism from their more affordable models. Upgraders then had to pay for the more "pro" bodies if they wanted to continue using their existing lenses. Otherwise they had to buy new, more expensive, auto-focus lenses.

We may end up with a more limited compatibility window for lens and camera. Some new cameras will work with some older lenses depending on Sony's decision to support them while some bodies and lenses will become obsolete within a year.

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