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Fish rod bag

9ck wrote:

I'm taking my carbon fiber tripod on a plane travel. I only bring my back-pack with camera gear and a softish sport-bag (not the usual hard top suitcase) where I plan to put my tripod. Don't wan't to / not sure it's allowed to take the tripod as carry on luggage. This made me want some kind of protection for the legs on the tripod breaking as I imagine a heavy suitcase can trash my tripod in the handling of flight luggage. Most bags for tripods are soft (still no protection) and very expensive (aprox 100 euro and up) so if you wan't any protection I guess you'll have to get a box of some sort (didn't even want to go there).

My solution is at 5 euro pipe (pvc sewage-pipe) cut in the right length. My tripod fits neatly into it and the legs are well protected (the pipe takes the load of a man). I'll of course part the legs and head in the transport.

Usually I transport my tripod into my checked luggage - actually I bought one of my suitcases just to fit it at its diagonal. I have also an effective and cheap solution: a fish rod bag you can find sometimes in promotion at most fish & hunt shops. Actually I found in one of that shops exactly your solution: it was a PVC pipe with some additional cover and better closing...

Thanks for post.

All the best,

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