Upgrade D700 to D800... or Wait for A7 Successor

Started Aug 8, 2014 | Discussions thread
hyenadog Contributing Member • Posts: 823
Re: Upgrade D700 to D800... or Wait for A7 Successor

you havnt stated your particular areas of interest photography wise .. if you are in to Landscape or shooting static objects close up then the A7 looks a pretty good bet - if you are looking at at it to shoot sports, low light, wildlife etc then you are totally in the wrong ballpark - the achiiles heel of Sony NEX/FF is the poor lens choice >50mm for those that need this lens range  - for these things and people you need to look at Canikon for the wide brand and third party lens range .. this is not going to change anytime soon

Nikon supposedly has a svelte A7 style FF "supposedly" coming soon .. if it pans out this should be the one to get if you need to lens range

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