Want a cheap/FREE wired 'REMOTE' trigger for M - here it is !! 'BULB' too !!!!!

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Want a cheap/FREE wired 'REMOTE' trigger for M - here it is !! 'BULB' too !!!!!

From input from others (mostly tphotography), here is an essentially a free way to do it !! :

PreReq: Magic/Tragic Lantern is a MUST! Go elsewhere to see how to load (load must have functioning 'audio remoteshot' - some loads apparently did NOT.

Using a simple normal 'audio earbud' or 'wired microphone' or even a 'wired remote (untested by me) with a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter', put either into the 'MIC' input on M.

1. Go into ML/TL settings under the 'camera/photo' menu (#5 from left?), and the #4 'audio remoteshot' menu item, do 'Q' to put the db fairly high to prevent false triggers - I suggest 20 or higher, test it yourself, then set 'audio remoteshot' to ON, exit ML/TL menu.

2. Position/pre-focus where you want.

3. then 'thump/flick/push button' on your MIC input device (earbud or whatever) and M should trigger !!

***** 'Bulb' works too - in a modified manner !! *****

'Bulb' Settings:

1. Using 'M' manual mode, set M into bulb mode and then with #1,2,3 above settings will enable you to 'trigger' the 'START/trigger' of the 'bulb' session, BUT you must hit the shutter button (maybe other button pushes too?) to END the bulb shot, thumping/flicking of earbud did not work for me!

Please note!, after you end bulb shot above, you must perform another trigger to 'end' the bulb session (only for audio method?) - since ML/TL does not know that bulb shot is over, it will then be ready for NEXT bulb shot.

Odd the code must NOT be looking for the shutter closed event (this may be just my TL load version - don't know) !

Also, there is a 'meter' of sorts in upper left that will tell you the 'amplitude' of your 'trigger' vs the 'threshold' you have set, so if using audio via earbud/mic, you can watch that meter and see if you should raise or lower the 'db' setting in ML/TL - see #1 above.

NOTE: The ML/TL 'audio remoteshot' setting reverts to OFF when you turn off M.

Good Luck!

And remember who brought you this good news and how to, it does take time to do this - called sharing !!

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