Upgrade D700 to D800... or Wait for A7 Successor

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Re: Upgrade D700 to D800... or Wait for A7 Successor


X-posting this thread with the Nikon forum so I can also get ideas of the Sony owners.

I have a D700 which I have not been able to quite enjoy yet. Last year I moved up to it from the D7000 but at some point, I got caught up with the mirrorles madness. Since 7-8 months I have been using a variety of mirrorless cameras such as Olympus E-M5, Fuji X-T1 and X100s.

Throughout the time I have gotten very much used to the stealthiness of mirrorless cams and loved the portability. I sold my D700 in the process.

But I could not let go of the FF'ness, the DOF control, RAW file flexibility, AF performance and, well, tradition. The small mirrorless cameras did not replace my DSLR habits, but instead they created their own segment in my hobby.

So three months ago I purchased another D700, for a quite steal price and in a pretty mint condition. Now that the D810 is released, I expect the D800 prices to come down.

But since the technology with mirrorless cams and EVFs is evolving rapidly and mirrorless cams present so many functions that the DSLR cannot or will not (large, bright EVFS and WYSWYG, Wi-fi control, portability, tilting screens, focus peaking, etc) I am finding myself unable to justify investing that money on a DSLR.

At the same time I wonder what the D800, touted as "having much better IQ, RAW headroom, dynamic range and high ISO than the D700" could bring me as an upgrade. Altough smitten by the JPEG quality of mirrorless cams, I am a RAW shooter at heart. I am not so sure about the AF performance tough.

Shortly, I cannot decide whether to go for a higher DSLR or wait for a possible game-changer Sony mirrorless FF. It was going to be the A7 but the camera looks more like a beta version of what's coming in the Sony FF mirrorless line. I still find it insufficient for my habits.

My budget can allow me to go for both, but I don't want to get too invested in too much equipment. I have other hobbies.

Ideas appreaciated

After reading your post and inquiry I am tempted to say: it probably doesn't matter!
You seem to belong to the type of photog with a rather high throughput of gear, considering all those many cameras you have been using so far.
So, reagrdless of what people may or may not recommend, I am sure many new camera models are going to tempt you and I bet you are going to try them all.

That being said, I would recommend to RENT a D800 and the Sony bodies you are interested in and base your decision on your personal experience.

Personally, I am definitely going to wait for a A7s successor with hopefully higher burst rate and A6000 ish speed of focus.

Just my 0.02.

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