RX100 III - overexposed images?

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The second picture to my taste is better however seems like the tiles are too flat.

I would try the following:

1. Reduce sharpness and noise reduction probably to -2 or even -3

2. Reduce contrast only to -1

3. Increase saturation +1

And give it another go with Ev 0. The landscape setting enhances saturation and contrast compared to the standard profile so will look a bit ragged for the kind of shot you took

The contrast IS reduced to only - 1. I think that at - 0.3 lightening would been perfect instead of -0.7. I did a lot of tests under different conditions. And for non landscape and in extreme conditions -0.3 is good for shadow, normal lightening. With a lot of light and bright skies, just go up to -0.7, leave contrast on -1. Also now I am practicing, and use more Jpeg, but when travelling use Raw en Jpeg. It easier to correct the picture when it is a bit too dark as second one, and using Jpeg is fine still.

Yes, pictures in this camera are a bit over-sharpened. But a lot of people like this, so if I put them like that, not many people will care and for my albums can lower them in Raw.

People like sharpening yes but not to the point when you look at details you see artefacts.

People also like vibrant colours and I do not think the mark III colours are that vibrant hence push up saturation to make up also for loss in sharpening.

Noise reduction seem to be a real issue the way it is implemented one of the mountain pictures of the op seemed out of focus so it was messed up

for many years Sonys NR seems to be heavy handed thats no news, luckely Sony is now offering RAw again ( which has not been the case for many years ) in P&S cameras.

fine tuning to personal preferences is possible , if you look at JPEGS in Auto Mode from any brand, people always will have comments because its not exactly what they like, i own several different brands and they all have there own behavior when shooting in Auto, some are doing a better job some do a lesser Job.

fine tune to what you like and enjoy your camera.

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