RX100 III Initial impressions

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Re: RX100 III Initial impressions

jonl9 wrote:

The march of technology in cameras these days is amazing. Last years camera was significantly better than the previous years camera, they're always getting better and next years will be better still. I think one just decides where to jump in, and I try to jump in on the low cost end of the curve. I bought a bit early on my M2 as I had a trip coming up, I also bought the EVF as I found it really was needed in bright circumstances and I've had a ball with the camera. It amazes me.

I acquired the evf along with the RX1 but I have not used it at all. I should persevere. It is certainly a nice tool

When the M3 came along, I thought about it, but the one factor of the M3 that bothered me was the loss of some telephoto capability. I am happy with the M2 and will be for a while.

Personally I like the idea of widening a little in favour of losing at the long end. There's enough cropability to warrant it, imho.

But, and this is the major "but" for me... the IQ really isn't advancing with each generation a great deal. I do see an improvement over the I with the II but it's marginal. From what I am reading and seeing, the III offers little or no additional gains in this regard.

If I only had the I, I would consider the III. But I am fine for now

It's my three generation old DSLR with a long range telephoto I'm wondering about.....

And so it goes on... - for me it's the A7 which takes my eye... lol.


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