RX100 III - overexposed images?

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Re: contrast..

zodiacfml wrote:

The default contrast is just a bit high for some scenes....though it works well for low contrast environments in your album. I believe you could adjust the default contrast for your jpegs.

That is one of the problems, contrast is too high also. Now I think you should use always Jpeg and raw shooting combined, but there are some situations, for simple pics on your facebook, you not want to do that.

I have been trying a lot of things. And truth is for situations with a lot of light (but isn't that a situation you have most on holiday), the settings of the RX 100 M3, gives:

too much contrast

tendency to overexpose, especially clouds.

So I also tried in landscape mode, same problem. Would call it bad. I think this could have done better by Sony.  But again, a camera has to handle things in many different situation, I think that it handles inside shots very well then.

So, what is important, with landscapes with a lot of different and harsh lightening, put the contrast  minus one. Then always use metering OVER ALL THE PICTURE, not only in middle. When that isn't enough, put exposure  0.7, and you be fine.

I show you both pictures I took. First in landscape, it is overlightned. Second in Program mode with settings from above.

is fair, not know if the contrast i lowered is taken for granted

Of course this is a difficult situation. I had pics with the stones outblowned also. And will this setting work under a roof, in shadow?  Have to see that. Anyway will taking these kind of pictures in this setting for a while.  But standard will not do.  Whatever you decide, lower the contrast a bit.

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