How to email to Canon? Email-address?

Started Mar 19, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Re: How to email to Canon? Email-address?

alexanderdgr8 wrote:

Joe11 wrote:

Tried to find an email-adress of Canon-Germany.

Unfortunately, I only found a web-contact-form, where you have to register before. Isn't there an easier way??

I want to ask Canon, why they don't seal their DSLR-boxes?
And if they will seal their boxes in the future (Canon 350D and 20D successor)?

Probably the best would be, to email to Canon-Japan.
Who has a direct email-adress of any Canon side?

Thank you in advance.

I have been sending e.mails to canon. They are coming back like boomerang from mailer-daemon

Why these people are hiding after selling their items. Is there any body/forum to lodge our complaints?

Canon is easy to contact in my experience, this assumes that you actually want to contact them with a question or resolve an issue, what country are you in?


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