I need an extra pair of eyes-AF finetune for 85mm f1.8

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Jimothy H Junior Member • Posts: 49
I need an extra pair of eyes-AF finetune for 85mm f1.8

Hey guys.

I recently got myself a 85mm f1.8 AF (non-D) version second hand for about $250 USD. I realised it has a focusing problem. It seems to have a back focus issue. Photos from this lens also has red/purple colour fringing everywhere, which is another indication my lens focuses at the back of my subject.

I've done the focus calibration with my D7100 at two distances: 85cm (closest focus distance) and 4m (in 1.3X crop mode), which is quite a generic distance

My personal observation:

At 85cm -4 or -5 seems to be the best setting

At Well...... I really don't know. Maybe -7 ? It seems to be unsharp across the range.

One thing really puzzled me is that the photos taken from Live view seem terrible at 4m. Is it because I've got a bad copy?

Anyway, please let me know what you guys think, if you think I need to do any adjustment on my set up, please let me know as well.


English isn't my first language, so sorry for any grammatical and spelling mistake in advance.

ps: The photos are still being uploaded to dropbox while I'm writing this page. There should be 5 photos per folder.

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