Best Portrait Combo?

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Re: Best Portrait Combo?

ktownbill wrote:

teseg wrote:

Thanks Bill. That separation that is achieved at a distance is very impressive. This is definitely the look I would like to achieve so very good examples.

Which is exactly why I use FF for portraiture that has BG elements in it. Not just to render the BG oof but to carefully choose that oof BG to one that compliments the shot.

I have a 7D and a 5DM3...... I will shoot the comparison for you. There will be no equivalent shot to the FF even if you used an 85mm and got closer to the subject. I would simply use the 85mm and get even closer and have the same framing.

Once you start using f/2 with the FF you've run out of "aperture" to shoot an 'equivalent' with the cropper. Make sense?

Adding to my comment above:  There is also the IQ aspect so aptly demonstrated in a previous where they showed the same lens at the same aperture FF Vs Crop.  There just isn't any valid argument or anything to refute.

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