Best Portrait Combo?

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Re: Best Portrait Combo?

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

Chikoo wrote:

daggah wrote:

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

Choose a sentence.

You're the one that claimed he is wrong, so the burden is on you to expound on that. Quit being evasive. It seems that you're not interested in dialog, but rather you're only interested in trolling.

There is too much to write, that is why I asked for one sentence that I can refute.

Start with the first one.

Full frame adds what you think it will add.

Wrong. It adds better tonality when you can shoot at base ISO, which is important for portraits; it adds better resolution; you shoot with longer FL and those lenses tend to be better - better bokeh, better sharpness; you can do better background separation when needed (135/2 on FF really shines); if you shoot Canon, for example, you get better colors; more accurate AF, too.

This will happen regardless of whether you think about it or not.

It might happen because you think about it, but if you really think about it you will find that all the brick wall shots and fancy charts you can find invented on the internet don't make a whole lot of difference in the real world.

What is really hilarious is when people hold up a camera like the D810 and call it the holy grail without realizing that it's pixel density is higher than that of a 16mp APS-C sensor. So much for the noise advantage, so much for the tonality advantage.

As for the better lens claim, I would dare say that this is just more tripe. Canon shooter's post is long on hyperbole and internet "facts", but very short on real world experience.

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