The EM-5 goes to Vietnam

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The EM-5 goes to Vietnam

(Still getting used to referring to it as the EM-5 rather than the OM-D... Who the heck gives a camera two names anyway?)

Where: Vietnam! I spent a month studying in the country, half in South Vietnam and half in North Vietnam. An absolutely beautiful country, and highly recommended to anyone considering a visit. Wonderful food, incredibly kind people, and a lovely landscape to boot. People were always happy to help stupid foreigners (like me), and I felt very safe even in the biggest of cities. I only wish I could have stayed there longer.

The gear: OM-D EM-5, Pany 25, Oly 45, Oly 40-150, and old 4/3 9-18 with an adapter. Overall, the setup worked like a dream. I had to replace my old 4/3 70-300 as it would barely focus on the OM-D, and though the 40-150 is a very, very good lens for the price, I found myself longer far more than I thought for the extra reach. I'm very much looking forward to replacing it with the new 75-300mm. The Oly 45mm works just as fabulously as everyone says it does- lightning-fast focus, amazing image quality, and held up to all the abuse I put it through. I had a few more issues with the Pany 25, which seemed to miss focus somewhat more often and come out with images that weren't quite as sharp as I had hoped for. I'll be replacing it with the Voigtländer 25mm soon, as I didn't feel the need for autofocus in most of the things I was using it for. The 9-18 is my oldest lens, coming from eons ago when I was using the normal 4/3 E-620. Five years after I got it it's still plugging away faithfully, and may be my most-used lens. It doesn't always focus terribly quickly with the adapter, but really who needs quick focus with landscape? The EM-5, of course, worked wonderfully regardless of the beatings it took- dropped on pavement several times, taken out in the rain and dust, all sorts of things I shouldn't be doing with a $1000 hunk of metal. Overall, I was incredibly happy with the setup I had. A macro would have been nice and in particular I'd have loved to have more reach on the telephoto, but for a cheap, very compact gear portfolio it was pretty hard to beat.

The pictures: Because that's why people click on these things. C&C is very welcome!

Hoa An, southern Vietnam, 9-18mm

Hoa An, Southern Vietnam, Oly 45mm

Hoa An, Southern Vietnam, Oly 25mm

Did I mention how good the food is? Pany 25mm

Can Tho, southern Vietnam, Pany 25mm

Caged mynah, Long Xuyen, southern Vietnam, Pany 25

Some birds don't belong in cages... Long Xuyen, southern Vietnam, Oly 45mm

Ha Long Bay, northern Vietnam, Oly 9-18mm

Fishing village, Ha Long Bay, northern Vietnam, Oly 9-18mm

Woman from the Muong ethnic group, Hoa Binh, southern Vietnam, Oly 45mm

Hoa Binh, southern Vietnam, Pany 25mm

Hoan Kiem Lake, Ha Noi

Ha Noi, Oly 45mm

Ha Noi, Oly 45mm

Ha Noi, Oly 45mm

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