Sigma - Make a 20mm/2 and a 135mm/1.8; thanks.

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Sigma - Make a 20mm/2 and a 135mm/1.8; thanks.

The D800-series has been out for a while and demands a bit more lens work. Nikon missed the mark with the 50mm/1.4 G, 35mm/1.4 G, and although the 58mm/1.4 G has cool bokeh & has nichey qualities, its not really mass-market material. Sigma answered the call with a 35/1.4 Art and a 50/1.4 Art, accordingly. I wish Sigma would make a full-frame 20mm/2 Art. And I wish Nikon would make a 135mm/1.8G with some of that 58mm/1.4 G magic (but sharpened just a bit more wide-open). If Nikon can't do that in any reasonable time period, then Sigma should walk in on it, too.

I heard that Sigma is considering an 85/1.4 update (probably just to make it uniform with its ART line), and that's fine. But the Nikon is extremely good. Likewise, I've heard that Sigma is considering competing in the 24/1.4 arena -- but I really don't think that's their forte & the Nikon is, again, excellent. So Sigma needn't use its resources to capture those lenses. That's something that says, "I'm as good as Nikon, even if different, slightly weaker, and cheaper." But Sigma could make a 20mm f/2 ART and a 135mm f/1.8 ART right now, and BEAT Nikon to the punch -- firmly planting a flag on Nikon territory saying, "Bring it on. We're BETTER than the Nikon offerings. We're dominant." And that would be more in line with their 35/1.4 and 50/1.4 message. Nikon is "technically" strong in the 24/1.4 & 85/1.4, but it was "technically" weak in the 35/1.4 and 50/1.4. Likewise, Nikon is out of date in many lenses, needlessly so (its still producing those lenses, so why haven't they been updated!?), especially as Nikon has been the one to really push the megapixel war which reveals these flaws clearly.

I think Sigma's best quality, from a Nikon user's point of view, is to kick Nikon in the butt. And to offer something different (the same way Tamron is making something different out of the 150-600) or to be quicker to the market with an update. "Copy-catting" lenses, following a new release, is not a dominant position and its also a bit weird. Sigma doesn't need to copy-cat Nikon's confidence. It can use its own logic like with the 50-500. Making something that no one else is making but is needed -- makes you a leader. And it could only help us get better lenses from Nikon later on.

I am 99% certain that Nikon responded to Sigma's bokeh in its original 50/1.4 non-Art in its current f/1.4 prime line up. It couldn't ignore that wave of popularity that smooth buttery bokeh had on the digital fullframe market. Now we see the 58mm/1.4 Art going almost overboard in that department.

I think Nikon isn't occupying a leadership position in lensing any longer -- it is responding.

In fact, Sigma, please make any of the below lenses, which Nikon doesn't seem to care about:

24/tilt-shift update
28/1.4 NOCT
30/2.8 pancake
50/1.2 AF
200/2.8 Macro VR
300/4 VR
300-600/5.6 VR

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