Street Photography - Clichés only?

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Re: nonsense.

Doss wrote:

xtoph wrote:

not only is your first assertion not true, you just contradicted yourself in the above post. (which makes you seem like a troll, i.e. someone merely interested in starting an argument for the sake of arguing.)

It's been a good discussion though! Good points made by both sides of the fence (from those who have the capacity to reason beyond name-calling, that is)

the objective fact is that very few photos on this forum show bw pictures of homeless people in the street. for a simple cross section, check out the 100+ editions of spx , featuring photos by scores of street photographers. let me know how many other shots you have to go through before you get to one of those 'most of' shots of a homeless person in bw.

and if you do eventually manage to find one, i'll wager that either the poster was (hopefully gently) nudged in a different direction, or that the shot is worthy on its own merits.

but now, in your post above, you complain instead about 'one photo after another' of people doing nothing interesting, looking at their phones, etc. fine, but obviously then you know perfectly well that 'most of' the photos you see are not of homeless people.

Having just done a brief survey from SPX: (having nothing better to do on a lazy Friday night in!) I must concur. I looked at 50 shots, selected in no particular manner:

I did not count whether they were BW or colour, but I'd assess it's a 'healthy' mix of the two. Suggesting one of OP's statements was off the mark

0% were of the homeless. Suggesting another of OP's stereotypes was wrong.

54% were of, what I would loosely describe as, "People doing stuff"!

However: 42% Were of random people walking down the street doing nothing of interest. This is statistically very high, suggesting one of OPs stereotypes is indeed a forum cliche (and the one I've badgered on about!)

On a subjective note: I considered 50% of the shots of people doing something of interest were not bad shots (ie having some degree of appeal). But 82% of those of people doing nothing (of interest) were just plain bad.

Maybe something for both the fors and againsts in this argument to consider?

actually last i looked there are two homeless in there (spx 113) -one of them is mine. if you noticed, i outlined every single cliche i used in that picture in detail. i guess i failed.

why aren't you out taking pictures on a nothing to do friday night?

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