A hypothetical zoom RX1 -- questions

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A hypothetical zoom RX1 -- questions

From SonyAlphaRumours this SR2 fragment:

"... He says the new RX2 will feature the same A7r 36 MP sensor and have a 35-70mm f/2.8 compact zoom lens."

First: I'm dubious Sony will call this an RX2. Just as the 1D remains Canon's premiere model designation, I suspect RX1something will be the designation for any camera in this series. So RX1Z for zoom.

Second: Yes: this is different from what I'll call the RX1C, the curved sensor with 35mm prime. If Sony is doing either, it could also be doing both.

Third: Can we please discuss this as purely a hypothetical question? Given just this bit of info, what can we deduce about such an RX1 model? I know you're dying to tell us why you want or don't want them to make such a camera. I know you're dying to tell us to ignore rumours. I know you love the 35mm prime concept (and I'm sure there will be an upgrade to that too). But instead, let's confine this thread to what such a camera would be like, purely as an intellectual exercise.

My own questions:

1. I'm wondering if Sony could do the 35-70 f/2.8 in nearly as small a barrell protrusion as the 35mm prime f/2? Perhaps they achieve this using aspherical elements. Perhaps that involves compromises to IQ that seem contrary to the RX1 spirit? For that matter does the mere fact this is a zoom, no matter how limited, fatally compromise IQ?

2. Any reason why they'd have to forego the leaf shutter or aperture ring?

3. I'm almost assuming any new RX1 model will have an EVF, possibly pop-up. Or is there room for built-in? Could they squeeze in the higher-res finder chip?

4. If EVF, do they toss the flash or hotshoe? If so, how important a loss for either, given the main usage pattern of this camera? (I'm not a flash person, but I understand the leaf shutter gives the rare ability to do high shutter speed flash syncs.)

5. What issues from the RX1 and RX1R do they still need to address? Do I recall correctly that AF speed is not exciting?

6. What would the price point be? I'm guessing $3200 US.

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