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Re: Should we split the E-mount form factor?

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An excellent idea to discuss. After so much useless talk about splitting the E-mount forum, let's see who is for splitting the E-mount form (factor).

The discussions are over. Many endless discussions. Plus at least 3 polls taken. And each time, voting by 2/3 majority to split the forum. And agreement by DPR management to do so.

The current form factor, shared between full-frame and APS-C is confusing and causes a lot of questions about lens compatibility. Some lenses have OSS on APS-C cameras but not on full-frame cameras. The resolution and image quality of each full frame lens depends on the body. A lens that has a lot of distortion on full frame, becomes distortion-free on an APS-C body, or a lens that shows good resolution on full-frame, does not perform so well on the latest APS-C body.

So perhaps Sony should modify the FF and APS-C body and lens mount form factors to end all the confusion. Only APS-C lenses allowed on APS-C bodies, and only Full frame lenses allowed on full frame bodies.

Please re-read the previous history.

If you actually read the post you replied to , you will notice I am not talking about splitting the forum. What do you have to say about splitting the actual lens mount form factor?

I missed that, it would be a worthwhile subject. The topic of this forum is splitting up the forum into FF and APS-C, and when is it going to happen? If you want to change the topic, I suggest that you start a brand new discussion.

Yes, but the actual topic of this forum is (I quote) "Re: Should we split the E-mount form, continuation" and the OP says "We need to spit this form to its usefulness."

He is pulling your chain Steve, read the thread title mate

I believe the OP's question was resolved, Danny. There are altogether too many of these insincere chain-pullers on the forum.

The matter at hand, which I wish to bring to the fore, is when is DPR going to do the dirty deed?

According to you yesterday, Butler didn't know anything about the request. Someone is dropping the ball at DPReview and it sounds like it isn't even on the task list yet. Maybe next year after they have split the Canon and Nikon forums even further?

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