Street Photography - Clichés only?

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Making a sound when the tree won't fall.

xtoph wrote:

I agree with much of your argument, but will make some points contrary ....

one of the problems with these perennial calls for 'more editing'

If these calls are perennial, why ignore them?

is that we don't in fact see what the posters didn't post. (i'll wager it's usually a lot worse.) another problem is that not everyone makes the same choices or has the same intent as you, the viewer.

so you may not agree (or understand) the editing choices people make… but that isn't the same as saying they did it wrong.

Very true. But when you see one particular theme and style emerge from one place, you get the feeling people are not exercising their choice (if, for the sake of argument, we assume 'imitation' and 'the need to fit-in' are not conscious choices)

one of the strengths of the internet is that it is relatively easy to share many photos, and get feedback about one's editing choices. that is a good thing, not a 'problem'. in the spx thread, the boilerplate text suggests that people share work in progress rather than just work they've finished and have nothing left to learn about. anyone who feels like there isn't enough editing, or critical feedback, being exercised is invited to provide specific feedback on actual photos, rather than making vague and meaningless complaints about photography in general.

You advocate using the internet, and indeed this forum, for posting works in progress to help make editing decicions - I wholeheartedly agree. I don't see one single person arguing against that. Fact is, as with this thread, all too often when someone makes a statement to suggest editing decisions they get called a troll.
So I don't think it either vague nor meaningless to point out (albiet sweepingly so) the problems, in relation to this particular forum, which this thread (initially) discussed - ie too many mundane shots of random people walking down a street!

(seriously, take a step back and consider this thread--we've moved from one cliche complaint to another, to arrive at lobbing random assertions about HCB's failings as a street photographer.) but actual critique does require an effort to see what's there in the picture… and more often than not, the more you look, the more you will see that there is at least something of interest going on in most of those pictures, if you open your eyes.

Well, I used to do that but ended up coming to a conclusion not dissimilar to the OPs. That will not, however, put me off as there are some mighty oaks to behold amongst all that dead wood.

To continue with the arboreal analogies (sorry - you started me off talking about perennials !!! ) ---->

A bit of thinning out and everythinggrows back stronger

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