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teseg wrote:

I have had a Sony RX1 for 1 1/2 years and absolutely love it for all manner of photography. So much so to the point that 95%+ of all my 10K+ photos since it was purchased have come from this lovely machine and several months ago I sold off all my cropped sensor equipment. When I would take crop sensor pictures the malleability and quality of the files were clearly inferior in many ways. The RX1 sensor + lens really makes an unbeatable combo. HOWEVER... I never have been into shooting portraits... until recently.

More recently my wife and son have started to appreciate my photographs and more and more have been asking I photography them or their friends at various functions. With a 35mm FL lens I have finally found the RX1's limitation.

What is the ideal camera body and lens for amazing portrait photography (make + model)? I'm interested in a FF body and ~90mm lens. Suggestions and samples appreciated.


Listen to "69 Chevy" and "Just a Canon Shooter"........  The argument in this thread that a crop sensor camera is equivalent to a FF camera is ridiculous. For studio portraiture YES, I agree, that there is no advantage of one format over the other. For non-studio where you desire bokeh the crop cannot hold a candle to the FF.  In the photos I'm posting here, I would have had to stand 60% farther from the subject to get the same framing. That would destroy the beautiful bokeh derived from being 60% closer to the subject the FF allows you.

A picture they say is worth 1000 words.  I suggest you take a full-length portrait like I did in these shots with a 135L using BOTH sensor formats. There won't be anything to argue about. Again, when you take the same shot with the crop sensor you will be 60% farther from the subject for equivalent framing.

Over the years this subject has been beaten to death in this forum. That is why 69Chevy and Just Another Canon Shooter left the debate I speculate. the lens and camera and do the comparison.

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