Will a D800 Do Me Good?

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Will a D800 Do Me Good?

Hello, I have been using a D700 (on and off) for approximately 1 year. I have been quite happy with my cam, although nowadays, with the dropping D800 prices, I am considering to upgrade.

I generally do street and urban scenes, with occasional landscape shots. I hand-hold my cams most of the time.

The matters in question are;

1- How is the AF compared to the D700? With D700 I can focus even in quite dark situations where even my eye may not be able to see what's in front of me and the D700 finds that tiny bit of contrast I point it at. I also visit sports games at times and the D700's tracking comes in quite handy in those cases. Not pro work tough, just for myself, so I don't need a D3S.

I have been reading "inconsistent AF" cases about the D800. The complaints are generally about varying focus inconsistency with changing light temperature, inconsistent AF in tungsten light, inconsistent AF with fast lenses. Do they exaggerate, or is there a truth to it?

2- How to check for left-AF issue? Is there a serial number threshold, over which the units are OK?

3- Is the JPEG output usable? I don't like D700's JPEGs (Using Fuji X system does you that), and although I am a RAW shooter at heart, sometimes I just tend to tweak JPEG settings in the camera and use them with little PP. In the D800 case I could set it to Medium Fine Jpeg and go on. Does the ADL feature work nice in D800? Do you get good OOC jpegs out of it?

4- I sure would use the silent shutter on the D800. That's quite a plus for me. Handy in street.

5- There was a case of green tint in WB or LCD. Is that solved, or is it even a problem?

6- I like the RAW headroom in my D700. I can recover a lot of highlights and shadows without breaking the image. The D800 keeps up with all that megapixels, or exceeds the D700?

7- At times I get quite ugly shadow banding in high ISOs in dark parts of my images (i.e. dark sky). And at times I just want to use my D700 at extreme ISOs (8000, 10000). I know these are not optimal ISOs to be shooting at, but sometimes there are some moments you want to register. My D700 registers me those moments, but frankly it also gets quite noisy and blotchy. And I don't like Nikon grain. (I like Pentax and Fuji grain). Will the D800 better the D700 in this department?

8- High ISO is also important, because I am not quite good at holding the camera still. With a 50mm lens on the D700, I need to be at least 1/60 to get a sharp shot. I am not a tripod or monopod person either. How will the D800 react to this?

9- How is the D800 WB compared to D700? The D700 tends to sway to blue and cyan. It is also bad at skin tones OOC. Accurate WB is important, because I don't want to be tweaking Kelvin values in ACR any more. (I am using the D2XMODE1 color profile)

10- Can we transfer JPEGs from a D800 directly to a smartphone? Eye-fi possible? I am thinking of storing NEFs on CF and small JPEGs on the SD to be able to share them quickly.

11- I mostly use my images online and rarely print them, but the D800 might just extend my hobby into that area.

12- How's the video? I sometimes do video on my mirrorless cam and the shallow DOF videos are quite a pleasure to take and watch.

13- Is is more difficult to use than the D700 because of all that megapixels, or is it picky in lenses? Or are these not problems, but just hoax?

Right now there is approximately $600 difference here if I want to get the D800. So overall, do you think D800 come as a solid upgrade, or just skip it and get a good glass?

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