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Re: Should we split the E-mount form factor?

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An excellent idea to discuss. After so much useless talk about splitting the E-mount forum, let's see who is for splitting the E-mount form (factor).

The discussions are over. Many endless discussions. Plus at least 3 polls taken. And each time, voting by 2/3 majority to split the forum. And agreement by DPR management to do so.

The current form factor, shared between full-frame and APS-C is confusing and causes a lot of questions about lens compatibility. Some lenses have OSS on APS-C cameras but not on full-frame cameras. The resolution and image quality of each full frame lens depends on the body. A lens that has a lot of distortion on full frame, becomes distortion-free on an APS-C body, or a lens that shows good resolution on full-frame, does not perform so well on the latest APS-C body.

So perhaps Sony should modify the FF and APS-C body and lens mount form factors to end all the confusion. Only APS-C lenses allowed on APS-C bodies, and only Full frame lenses allowed on full frame bodies.

Please re-read the previous history.

If you actually read the post you replied to , you will notice I am not talking about splitting the forum. What do you have to say about splitting the actual lens mount form factor?

I missed that, it would be a worthwhile subject. The topic of this forum is splitting up the forum into FF and APS-C, and when is it going to happen? If you want to change the topic, I suggest that you start a brand new discussion.

Yes, but the actual topic of this forum is (I quote) "Re: Should we split the E-mount form, continuation" and the OP says "We need to spit this form to its usefulness."

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