RX100 III - overexposed images?

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Re: RX100 III - overexposed images?


looking at your shots you got a bunch of some very nice mountainous region shots there. And the best one's have the classy sun-in-your-back lighting which normally, even if it may create some deep shadows, maintains an overall contrast inside the DR of the sensor.

The numbers 30, 32 and 34 are also classys but in another way. Here you are shooting into the shadows while you have some fully lit areas in the frame. Here the DR is too much. The options are exposing for the highlights just a tad before clipping - and shadow areas will get way too dark. Or exposing for a nice look in the shadows (where I personally prefer maintain the shadow-look and not a too much brightend look) but this means blown areas where the sun hits. Perhaps cropping out that part.

No. 38 and 39 exceeding by far of what can be expected to capture. Even the higher DR of a modern DSLR/DSLT would struggle here. Perhaps trying a 5-shot HDR would work - but it probably would give a look which screams out "HDR" which is not to my liking at least. When shooting such a scene it's just looking conscient through the EVF (even better with zebras switched on) and sway a bit up and down. Most probably you won't find a compromise where sky and shadows were acceptable. So it's opting for one, the sky or the shadows - if afterall the shot is really that important. Would your presentation of mountain shots look incomplete w/o 38 and 39. I don't think so. I'd put them in the trash bin w/o even thinking about it twice. Ok, it's good to have a look at them for learing what can be done and what not - independant of the camera maker or model.

Finally I'd like to comment on 64, 67 and 68. Those situations are all too common in the mountains that it SEEMS to be sunny but actually the valley is somewhat in the shadow (not even that deep; a thinner cloud) while the clouds around and behind the peaks are in full sunlight. Such shots can be salvaged sometimes by heavy processing (best from RAW) but even then it would be difficult to get at a look how we have them in our memory. We frequently don't SEE such shadow - light things they don't get our attention. Only in the photos we notice how dark the valley looks and how bright (blown) the sky. No 76 suffers from the same problem. Shooting in the mountains needs a lot of planning about which ridge, which valley is getting what light at which time of the day. 111, 116 and 117 are at the limits and in 119 the sun was fully shining again so perfect.

Edit: BTW, compare 32 to 557: other daytime other light and quite a difference.

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