RX100 III - overexposed images?

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Re: RX100 III - overexposed images?

FWIW, I just went through all my RX100/3 files, and have determined that, in similar lighting situations, my RX100/3 UNDER exposes by about 1/2 a stop. I generally have to lift the exposures by a 1/3rd or 1/2 stop in Lightroom. (RAW files)

And, contrary to some posters here, the RX100 Mk1 I had before the Mk3 consistently OVER exposed, and I had to keep that camera set to -.3 ev or more at all times!!

I do not think there is anything wrong with the metering in either case. Cameras meter differently in different situations. It's just a fact of photography. Once you find the sweet spot, you can just dial in some + or - ev and never worry about it again.

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