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Re: See this: ugly sales figures Re: Invisible seismic shift?

That is the big question isn't it.  There is something about today's MILC offerings that is so unsatisfying that it's affecting sales.  Even with the fire sale prices that we have seen recently.

Because of workflow considerations, I left the 4/3 experiment a couple of years ago.  I have a Nikon only workflow that works for me.  I also have a Nikon V3 for snapshots and also to keep up with Nikon's MILC thinking.  I know that I'm really dissatisfied with the small MILC body.  I think a camera about the size of a Df is just about right for me especially when I use heavy lenses like the 70-200 f/2.8 Nikkor.  I actually tried to use that lens with the V3 and it was so front heavy that it was unstable.

I agree with you that the cellphone camera is the lightweight juggernaut right now.  With continued improvements by Apple and Microsoft, in a couple of years the low end of the camera spectrum will be gone.

As long as the EVF is not the equal of the OVF, I won't change my main camera focus from DSLRs to MILC.  With the new OLED overlays, it is now possible for Nikon to create an OVF that can rival the EVF in features (I'm not sure that would be great).  I like the OLED in the D810 because I can now see the focusing points better at 2EV.  Before the D810, only the D4 had a low light viewfinder because they used LEDs in the OVF while cameras like the D800 had issues displaying its focal points in low light.

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