Where to go from the Canon 5D Mark III? (A bit long...)

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Re: Where to go from the Canon 5D Mark III? (A bit long...)

You will always be waiting, somewhere you need to make a decision. It looks like you have done your homework like myself. The best bang for the buck is the GH4, it is a work horse of a camera, the lens options are very good, as well as very sharp, both in primes and zooms.

4K is coming so you have that with the GH4, even to the SD card, and 4:2:2 in 10 bit on a external recorder. Raw is nice, but very expensive, If you have clientele that is going to sit in post with you and make choices of color grading and editing, then get a Red, or one of the newer cameras from Black Magic Design.

If you don't have the Clientele as I stated above, then the GH4 will be fine.

I can share this with you, in my growth in the video world, I have learned one thing that has improved, and up-scaled my productions. I'm pretty much a one man band also. Start budgeting for Tools for your camera of choice.

This is a list of what I use, and have added in the last 18 monnths.

1-Good light weight tripod, I have 2,

2-Fluid Pan & Tilt Head, the same on both tripods, with a couple of extra mounting plates.

3-A good Mono-pod newer kind with a foot option. Benro, Mogo Pod

4-A small tripod, table top, very handy for small areas, and tight macro shots.

5-A slider, wheels or ball bearings, cheap friction slides will be replaced quickly. 3 foot minimum.

6-Small to medium Jib/Crane, easiest to use and produces great production value.

7-A very good shotgun mike and a boom pole and boom stand, don't cut price here.

8-Good external Sound Recorder, with wind sock.

9-A camera dolly system with a track option. Great production value

10-Small 5" to 8" external monitor, and adjustment arms for attaching.

11-Run & Gun Rod shoulder mount system with a camera cage, Needs to be versatile.

Now hear is what I rally want to add to my tools!

1-3-axis motorized gimbal Stabilizer, super high production value.

2-Motorized Dolly/Slider for Time-lapse and general shots. Just added this!

3-4K External Recorder/Monitor

4-A good friend, Grip/Schlepper!

You may already have many of these, but I'm a big believer in motion and camera tools, ( the right ones) they teach you how to be creative with shooting, and really add value to your productions. I did not even cover Lighting, and Green Screen tools, Whole separate area I think, many crazy options there.

Good luck with your choices, for me it's the GH4, hands down, excellent video, codecs, lens options, no limit to recording time, all the in-camera shooting options you could need, Very light weight, excellent battery time, and great price for value. Whats not to like!

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