Fuji future sensor technology?

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Re: Fuji future sensor technology?

I wouldn't buy anything from Sony that I didn't absolutely have to. Virtually everything I've ever purchased from that company was a disappointment and I don't see their photographic equipment any differently.

One example is the lossy RAW format Sony uses that a recent study with RAW Digger found posterization in properly exposed files most likely due to the lossy compression format. Sony is not an imaging company, they are a huge conglomerate with many divisions that come and go as Sony views the market trends. I wouldn't be surprised if Sony was not in the camera business 5 or 10 years from now.

As for Foveon I've seen interesting results and bad results. At this time I don't see Foveon as being any slam dunk over Bayer or Fuji's X-Trans so I wouldn't be too concerned as IMO it has a long way to go and it may never get there.

It's interesting that you just sold your Canon SLR system right when the rumors are that Canon is about to announce something revolutionary which is long overdue from Canon. If anything, I'd have hung on to the Canon gear until the announcement was made and then moved forward from there. That's precisely what I'm doing as I've shot Canon for nearly 40 years but just added an XT1, 18-55 and 55-200 to my bag all which I love. I'm holding off on selling most or all of my Canon gear until I see what they announce as I expect it will give me a clearer picture of where Canon is headed in the future and whether it fits with my needs.

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I'm sorry bob. I find your comment regarding sony products extremely idiotic!

Are you aware that "Sony" sensors are in most top end dslrs right?

And that sony is leading the way in new camera technology!

Sorry man, you need to get off that crack pipe ya smoking and learn exactly what SONY is adding to the camera market these days. It's a darn sight more than Nikon or Canon that's for sure!!!

" All you need is love"

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