Best Portrait Combo?

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Re: Best Portrait Combo?

69chevy wrote:

Now factor in that in order to get the same size print, the smaller format will need more "magnification". (By this, I mean that the smaller pixels must be enlarged to fill the same area.)

In a printed picture, it's easily two full stops.

If viewing on a monitor is your only method of displaying your photos, DXO numbers are relevant.

If you print large format, they mean nothing.

Then perhaps I misunderstood DxOMark measurements, but please go to any page, like this one, switch over to the Measurements tab and then click on SNR 18% - that's what I've been typing here about. It shows test results for "Print", which are RAW files resized to fit an 8" x 12" size at 300 dpi. So if I understood both you and DxO correctly, it isn't 2 stops.

But you know what, who cares? 2 stops or 1.5 stops? Why are we even arguing about this crap?

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