Street Photography - Clichés only?

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Second, his contact sheets (they do exist) showed how he worked the scene and he selected the best shot of the lot - so much for the decisive moment! I believe, that was Roel's point.

i believe this is called Spray-N-Pray

No, it isnt. Its the result of contemplative. If you wait at a scene you cannot predict the moment of a happening. This is the decisive moment that hcb refers to but it isnt a decisive moment at all and is better explained as a predetermined scene with reflex. Like a moody scene and someone enters it with an umbrella or a guy in a long cloak and a hat, but not the kid on the skateboard or the mum with the pram. If the umbrella is white then it might be a dud and too bright but if the man with the hat jumps in the air then its a catch. Then looking through contact sheets the best reaction is chosen. It is misinterpreted by most photographers as the decisive moment something happens but in this technique that isnt what happens at all and its more like waiting for a peg that looks like it could fit in the hole and taking a pic without a real knowledge of what is going to happen or even what does happen until looking through the contact sheet.

hcb was always just waiting for a painting and his references to geometry are typical of his education and some say his painting and drawing skills were a benefit but they were in fact a handicap as a photographer.

For the other kind of street photographers they move about looking for intersections of scene and subject and its one shot and no contact sheet, hcb didnt specialize in these and fluked them sometimes like most but there are photographers that can do these at will.

I do both styles and many others do as well but just as many dont even know what Im talking about.

Spray N' Pray is just continuous with a motor drive and without a clue, but you already knew that Im betting

i saw a guy doing the pray n spray thing once. i couldn't believe it. he was walking past an outdoor pub with a camera at his hip pointed to the side of him and i could hear the shutter firing away as he walked past the patrons not even stopping to look at them. kinda like a strafing run.

put it this way, the decisive moment is only the decisive moment for you. most likely not everybody else's decisive moment. unless we're talking about wartime street executions. now that's a decisive moment.

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